The Importance of Keeping an Open Mind

Let me ask you a question: what is the reason for everything that is happening in your life?

If you are experiencing happy and joyful circumstances or situations, or you are surrounded in your life by happy people, do you think it has all come about by chance? Fate? Luck?

If you find yourself in negative, unhappy or challenging circumstances or situations or surrounded by difficult people, do you think they have come about by chance? Fate? Luck?

In one sentence, what is the cause of all the conditions of your life?

If you are like most people, you will tell me that all the good things in life come about by luck, but that all the bad things are caused by other people. You may complain about being a helpless victim, under the control of your environment and circumstances, and that you can do nothing about it. “Why me?” you might ask.

So it’s time to ask a new, different question: Why do you feel this way?

Most likely, it’s because you do not understand the power that you have over your own life. You feel like a small being, ignored by the rest of the universe. You think your run of good luck has ended, and that no one is watching out for you any more.

You need to stop blaming other people and playing the victim. You need to start feeling the power of who you really are.

And how can you do that? I am going to tell you. It is very, very simple.

You are not a mere human being. You aren’t just some small creature lost in the universe. You are a loving, creative being with immense power and knowledge. You are a beautiful soul encased in a temporary vehicle – that is, your body. You have a consciousness that makes you aware of your place in the universe, that gives you intelligence and purpose.

Now listen up. You may or may not be a religious person, but no matter what your spiritual beliefs, the facts are clear: that we are able to think and feel and be self-aware is all proof that something powerful and all- encompassing pervades the entire universe. Some of us call that source God; others call is Buddha or the Universal Mind or Tao. Still others might prefer to refer to it as infinite intelligence or the higher self.

Originally, it has no name, but in order for our limited human minds to comprehend it, we give it names. The names differ according to our beliefs and cultural backgrounds and upbringings.

But however you want to define it, each and every one of us participates in a universal intelligence that is eternal, infinite, and purposeful.

That is what it means to be human, to think and to feel our emotions.

Now, we all participate in that universal intelligence, and we all have consciousness. That’s something we all share.

But you also have one very important power that is yours and yours alone–your free will. Even though you are part of this universe, you are not under its control. It is a mistake to give in to despair when bad things happen to you, thinking, “Why me?” You are not a victim—you have been given the free will to experience yourself freely in this physical plane, and you are given the power to make decisions.

In short, you are the one in control, the creator of all your experiences and realities, be they good or bad.

So, where is this power and knowledge to control your life? Why does it seem hidden from you so much of the time?

It is not hidden from you, nor do you lose it. It is still with you, within you. But it can seem hidden from us because we do not realize that we have such a treasure within us! To make things worse, our small, limited, selfish, and deluded mind (we call it the ego) is always trying to hide it from us, preventing us access to the treasures within us, in our own backyard!

To access these creative power and knowledge, you just have to realize that you possess it! They are your birthright!

So it is essential that you recognize that you have such immense and miraculous power and knowledge within you. You must realize that you are, in fact, the only creator of your experiences in life.

How do we do this?

We do it through our mind, our thoughts. Our mind creates negative conditions just as readily as favorable conditions. Our power to create comes from within.

Thus our life experiences, our life events, our life circumstances, do not happen or come about by chance. They do not come from the outside, as an independent entity. Rather, it is you who creates them.

Yes, you are that powerful. Your thoughts are that powerful.

This is the secret to realizing your happiness—it is that you have complete control of your life. Yes, you are all mighty, all powerful, omnipotent and omniscient.

I call this recognition that you have complete control over all that happens to you the “universal law.” It governs all aspects of your life— it is truly universal! If you live by this law, you will achieve wealth and riches, harmony and health, happiness and fulfilling relationships.


The Importance of Keeping an Open Mind

Now if you’re anything like me after I read Jeffrey’s first email, you are probably feeling pretty skeptical right now. After all, if you’ve been through the agony of a relationship problem, you may not want to hear that it’s something you can control.

But for your benefit I want to emphasize that what you need to do right now is keep an open mind. You don’t need to believe everything that is being stated here right away, and of course I urge you to really put it to the test and justify it yourself.

I kept an open mind, and I took David Tian’s advice in The Desire System to heart. And I realized that learning to tap my own power at its source was the key to becoming happy and peaceful again.

There are many examples in human history of enlightened beings, from saints to mystics to people like Gandhi and Mother Theresa. All of these people cultivated the connection to their higher selves. I don’t want to talk about the religious issues here. Rather, I want to point out that those who are at peace with themselves and who do good works in the world are the same people who have learned the power of human actions and human will, both for good and bad.

The secret Jeffrey told me does work to unlock your happiness and peace of mind. But don’t just take my word for it. Question all that you are being told and, like a scientist, put all that you have been told to the test. Convince yourself if such are the truths in your daily experiences of life.

I do this myself, and the more I do it, the more I become aware of the immense power I have within me to create anything that I want, anytime, anywhere! I understand now that my life experiences and situations do not come about by chance.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, everything that has happened or is happening right now, whether bad or good, has a cause—and that cause is seated deep within us!

Simply put, we are the creators of our life experiences! This is an amazing revelation, because it just shows that we do have control over what we desire in life. We have that power, if we can just learn how to tap into it!

Thus the experiences I have been through in my relationship have not come about by chance, nor have they been caused by outside factors or circumstances. The girl my beloved turned to instead of me did not come into my life out of nowhere. Something in my thoughts or actions invited her in.

I know this may not be a popular idea to embrace. At first, I resisted. But it really is the first key idea that you need to understand if you want to save your relationship and make it last forever.

So let’s say it again: you are in control of what happens to you.

Approaching Made Easy

11 Quick Routines That Will Allow You To Easily Start A Conversation With ANY Woman In ANY Setting… And Dozens Of Venue Specific Examples That Make Approaching Women Almost Too Easy For You!

The Bad Ass Introduction

Hi there!

Inside the Simple Inner Game System ebook I revealed why situational openers are the best way to start conversations: it’s spontaneous, it’s unexpected, it’s about her and not some rehearsed pick up line, and best of all… it’s real easy to learn how to do it.
Now it’s time to expand your mind a little bit…
Because on the next couple of pages you’ll find a whole bunch of killer routines for starting conversations with women, in fact, I’ll even give you some venue specific things you can say and do so you’ll easily be able to be the guy who can interact with ANY woman in ANY environment.
Successfully approaching is winning half the dating game my friend, so definitely test out several of these routines, see what’s working for you, and KEEP DOING WHAT WORKS.
These are MY routines and although you can use them as you see fit, it’s best if you use them as a starting point for creating your own material because you DON’T want to become a clone of me… you want to be yourself AND be successful with women doing that.
So see these routines as a stepping stone towards creating your own “style” of approaching and dating women.


Part 1: General Routines

Here’s the story: I’m about to share some routines with you that you’ll be able to use to approach women no matter where you are. Hell, you can even use some of them online or while talking to a girl on the phone.
Some of these routines will give you things to say and it’s important that you stick to the program. Sounds more difficult than it is, because all it means is that if you for example say that you don’t know your way around where you are… then don’t screw it up by forgetting that you don’t know the place!
Seems obvious, but I just wanted to make sure that you won’t make any mistakes that you can easily prevent. But, follow the instructions I’ll give you and you’ll be fine and on your way to getting more phone numbers and getting more dates without much effort.

The New Guy Routine
How to do it:
You: “Hey, can you tell me where I can find the …?” Her: “bla bla”

The psychology behind it:
You can use the New Guy Routine either to ask how to get from A to B (“can you tell me where I can find the nearest bank?”) or where to find an item in any type of venue (when in a supermarket: “can you tell me where I can find the peanut butter?”).
Make it easy for yourself and pretend you’re a guy who just moved there that doesn’t know anyone and doesn’t know his way around. Let your intentions be known so it makes sense that you’re approaching her. This way you can ask her more questions like where the good clubs and bars are at, hell, you can even get a girl to introduce you to her hot friends at a later date if you play your cards well.
After you start the conversation with it, you can transition to using character traits to create attraction like I explained in the Simple Inner Game System ebook. So, it’s either a lead-in to a fun, interesting conversation or you can use it as a theme throughout the conversation as something you can fall back on when you run out of things to say.

Results: when going out, you can ask a woman in the center of town where the good clubs are at and she might just walk you there or even better… invite you to come inside with her. Last time I used this one I asked two caramel colored cuties where the good clubs where at and next thing I knew? I walked into the club with them and was sandwhiched by them grinding all over me on the dancefloor. And that’s what we want now, don’t we?

The Tasteful Routine

How to do it:

If you see a woman with a drink or some food in her hand, ready to take a sip or a bite, walk over there and say:
You: “what you got over there? Let me have a bite!” Then you simply grab whatever’s in her hand and taste it.
Off course, when she has a drink in her hand you say “Let me have a sip” instead of asking her for a bite from a glass because that would be weird dude.

The psychology behind it:

I know what you’re thinking right now: “why the hell would I grab something from a woman and taste it? Wouldn’t that be rude? Wouldn’t she be offended by it?”
Well, here’s the story: look closely to how attractive women behave around men. Whenever a guy’s having himself some icecream for example, they’ll say “Hmm… looks tasty! Can I have a bite, pleaaaase?” The confident ones will even grab a bite or a sip without asking, so what you’re doing is using reverse psychology by being an attractive guy who does the same with women.
It will tell a woman something about how confident you are, that she’s a guest in YOUR universe, especially if she’s with a group of friends. Dominance is attractive… and things pretty much don’t get more dominant than this routine.
If you’re in for some fun, you can even get away with playing a food or club inspector who has to sample the goods to test for quality, then do the routine, and totally bust a woman’s balls for being so naïve that she actually believed your story.
Results: you may very well end up going out next time only to get your drinks for free the entire night because you can’t stop taking a sip. I know I did.
The Helpful Routine

How to do it

Depending on the location, you ask a woman to help you out with something by giving her opinion. There’s a whole range of possibilities for the Helpful Routine:
– You’re in a clothing store and need to find something nice for your sister’s birthday
– You’re in a shopping mall and need to find a Christmas present for a female colleague but need advice
– You need to lift something heavy and put it in your car but you need
someone to open the door for you
As you can see, the possibilities are endless. You only have to say “can you help me out? I need to …” and you just fill in what you want help with on those 3 little dots.

The psychology behind it

The Helpful Routine is based on human nature: it’s no problem for anyone to help out a friendly fellow human being with a small task, especially for women and their motherly instincts.
The cool thing about the Helpful Routine is that the moment you get a woman to help you out, you’ll spend some time with her. You either spend time with her going through racks of clothing, while walking to a store where you’ll find what you need, while walking to your car… and the list goes on.

That time you’ll spend with her gives you more than enough opportunities to get to talking, to create attraction with your character traits, and to create a bond with her.
Results: don’t underestimate the power of this routine: it sounds really simple, but power is in simplicity. An instant date is just around the corner when you ask a woman to open the door of your car so you can put that heavy TV or whatever inside and you offer to buy her a cup of coffee as your way of saying thank you.
P.S. you don’t even have to carry an ACTUAL heavy object, you can also just pretend like the box you’ve got in your hands is super heavy while it’s empty in reality…

The Opinion Routine

How to do it:
You simply walk up to a woman or a group of women and tell them you want her/their quick opinion on something. The format for it is really simple: you ask for an opinion about a topic that interests women. Topics like love (dating, cheating, relationships), fashion, scandalous celebrities, popular movies or tv shows and female fantasies. After a woman gives her opinion, you give yours. Whatever you do, let your intentions be known so
it makes sense that you’re approaching her

Examples of the Opinion Routine:
– Ask a woman that if someone is in a relationship, if she thinks it’s cheating when you’re flirting in a club while nothing physical happens. And then if it’s cheating to get a phone number and flirt over text, even though nothing physical has happened. She’ll assume that it’s the guy who’s doing that, so tell her it was the woman getting numbers and flirting. Sometimes her opinion will change, which is fun to tease her with…
– Ask a woman whether or not a straight guy can date a bisexual woman. After she gives her opinion, tell her one of your friends actual has an ex- lover in common with his girlfriend: his ex is her ex as well… and ask her opinion on that.
– Ask a woman if you look gay. She’ll probably tell you that’s a weird question or that you don’t, after which you tell her that this gay dude has been trying to flirt with you all night (works especially well if you imitate gay behavior for a minute or two). Ask her opinion about that and then ask what she would do if a bisexual woman would flirt with her.
- Tell a woman that you were thinking about watching …. (romantic movie title here), but your friends thought it was gay and then ask her if she thinks it faggy too.
– Ask a woman who lies more: boys or girls… and tell her that she’s lying after she gave her answer. Works especially well if you ask her right after that if she would date an attractive guy who’s in a wheelchair. Most women will say yes, so tell them they’re lying and pretending to be good girls.
If you want more examples, then I highly recommend you type in “opinion openers” on Google because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of the Opinion Routine to be found all over the internet.
The psychology behind it:
People love it when their opinion is deemed important and everyone has an opinion about almost everything, they just need to get the opportunity to voice that opinion. That’s where you come in. No matter if you’re in a bar, at work, in college, at a social occasion, you can use the Opinion Routine to start an interesting conversation every single time.
Hell, you can use it as a theme throughout your entire conversation by asking for a woman’s opinion multiple times and end up having these crazy and fun interactions with women that the both of you will remember for a long time.
There’s subtle power in the Opinion Routine if you manage to get into a discussion with her about her opinion, because minor conflicts draw people more closely together whether you realize it or not.
Women want a man who knows what he wants, he doesn’t kiss ass and nodds yes in agreement to everything, who fights for what he believes in… and you can show all these qualities just by getting into discussions, not giving up your point of view, and making fun of a woman’s view on things.

The Opinion Routine works exceptionally well when you’re dealing with groups of women, because different people have different opinions and you’ll be likely to see the women getting into a discussion among themselves so the conversation will basically run itself. You just have to point it in the right direction to get the results you want.

Results: if you play your cards right, you could see a cat fight among a group of women who disagree with each other and are all trying to get your attention and to have you all to themselves. Happened to me several times. It’s hilarious to experience and also gives your confidence a MAJOR boost.
P.S. You can expand upon the concept of the Opinion Routine by asking even if … questions. Example with the wheelchair thing: would you date the guy even if the wheels were all squeeky, even if he his body gets worse over time, and so on. Try to find the one situation that she’s willing to contradict her opinion for and bust her balls for it. Works every time!

The Direct Routine

How to do it
This if for the guys with a little confidence out there, because you show your intentions right off the bat in a very direct way instead of beating around the bush by asking opinions and making conversation from there. Here’s how it works:

You: “Hi there. I would regret it when I walk away without saying this to you, I just have to say it. I think you have a really cool vibe about you.” Her: “Bla bla bla” (wait for her response)
It’s important for you to wait until she responds, so wait like 5-10 seconds or you’ll take all the power of this technique away because you talked your way out of it. If she doesn’t respond you can always say “did I make you shy there?” and they’ll almost always quietly agree…
Afterwards, you can simply introduce a time constraint by telling her you have to go to work or meet some friends or whatever and ask for her phone number. Real easy way to get women’s phone numbers if you ask me.

The psychology behind it
The Direct Routine works really well when you approach women in any other place than in clubs or bars. You see, women are used to being approached by men when they go out clubbing so your compliment will make much less of an impression. I’m not saying it won’t work, but saying it’ll have less of an effect than when you would use it in a store, on the street, during a social occasion or even online.
Why does it work well there? Because women aren’t used to being approached in those settings and they sure as hell aren’t used to receiving genuine compliments. Sure, they’re used to guys telling them they have a nice ass, a pretty face and so forth… but when you compliment them on the vibe they’ve got going?
Then it says something about who they are instead of how they look and it will make a lasting impression. Plus, it takes guts to say something like that. Guts that most men just don’t have… and that’s attractive.

Now, you don’t HAVE to say they’ve got a really cool vibe going. You can also say they look like a high energy person that’s loving life and that you like that. Or, that they radiate confidence or happiness and that you think it’s attractive.
What also works really well is telling a woman she’s got the “x factor”, that there’s something about her that you can’t put your finger on that made you want to meet her.

Results: if she gets shy, says thanks, or grins from ear to ear (and most do), she’s interested in getting to know you better. I’m not a Brad Pitt or whatever but I am an above average looking guy and have noticed that women respond way better to the Direct Routine with me than to, say, busting their balls. Why? Because they expect cocky, braggy behavior from a good looking guy but they don’t expect one with a genuine interest without the attitude.

The High Maintenance Routine

How to do it
You can use this wherever. In clubs and bars, online, in college. Doesn’t matter. It goes a little something like this:
You: “You know what? You look like a high maintenance kinda person who doesn’t take crap from anyone and knows what she wants, just like me… and I’d like to get to know you better because you seem like a girl who likes to have fun.”
The power of the High Maintenance Routine is in the fact that if she ignores it or says “No”, she’ll automatically accuse herself that she’s NOT high maintenance, NOT someone that knows what she wants and NOT someone who likes to have fun. That’s not something someone’s ego can accept without being bothered about it.
In short: the words you use make it hard to ignore or deny it.

The psychology behind it
Really attractive looking women, the 9s and 10s or so to speak, have things going for themselves. They probably have some goals in their life and their very confident, so they aren’t easily impressed with a random guy they’ve never met before. They know they can get most guys they want to get and it shows: you first kinda have to approach them from their own state of mind.

You have to hit close to home and you do that by relating to them: “you look like a high maintenance kinda person who doesn’t take crap from anyone and knows what she wants, just like me…”

Use the High Maintenance Routine on really attractive women and the “walls” they’ve built around themselves will start to come down one by one, brick by brick. Keep relating to them, ask an opinion or two as well, and you’ll find that the 9s and 10s will actually respond WAY better to teasing, being picky and all the other character traits once you get to know them.
But that’s the thing about the 9s and 10s: they don’t care if they don’t know you, but care the world about it when you DO know them.

Results: you’ll suddenly find yourself getting numbers and getting dates with more and more attractive and interesting women as soon as you start using the High Maintenance Routine. I have something to admit too: I’m a high maintenance, highly confident guy with goals so this routine would work on me. And it has: a chick in college studying to become a lawyer picked me up with it and we still talk from time to time.
The Hit-and-Run Routine

How to do it
The Hit-and-Run Routine is more brutal than the other ones, but effective nonetheless and you know what they say right? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Here’s what you do: you deliberately throw something at a woman, bump into her, or even more risky: spill a drink on her.
You can bet your ass that you’ll need confidence for this but after reading my Simple Inner Game System that shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s some examples:
– If there’s snow outside, simply throw a snowball on the woman you want to approach (don’t knock her out by hitting the head dude)
– If you’re on the beach, make sure you have a ball with you and throw that sucker so it lands right in the middle of a group of women or next to a woman.
– If you’re at work or in college, simply accidently throw some paper meant for the garbage can… on a woman’s head.
– If you’ve got a drink in your hands, walk up to her, bump into her, and accidently spill that drink on her.
– If you’re at a crowded place, walk up to her and crash into her shoulder (not too hard though, but hard enough for her to notice)
Afterwards, you’ll play the knight in shiny armor by coming to her rescue and saying something along the lines of:
“Oh my god, are you okay? I didn’t see you there lady. I’m so sorry.Do you know how easy it is to say THIS at the end: “you know what? Let me make it up to you. Let me buy you a cup of coffee.”

The psychology behind it
Everybody apologizes when they accidently bump into someone or when they get dirt all on someone’s clothes. It’s a natural thing to do… and
everybody likes you to make it up to them if you ruin their clothes, their day, or their mood.
You simply cash in on that by deliberately bumping into women or getting them dirty and then making up for it… and making up for it will usually get you their phone number or an instant date.
Hey, I didn’t say you shouldn’t play dirty and the Hit-and-Run Routine kinda is playing dirty, isn’t it? But all is fair in love and war my friend and if a woman meets a cute, interesting guy she wants to date because you ruined her shirt or her mood temporarily? Then so be it! She won’t blame you for that.
Off course not!

Results: me and my friends used to spill drinks on purpose almost every weekend during the summer of 2006. I think we as a group were solely responsible for the sudden increase in women’s t-shirt sales in our area.
And when we got tired of that, we bumped into people and blamed them for spilling drinks on our shirts. We had lots of fun doing it. Playing dirty can be that much fun. You should try it some time.

The Random Chick Routine

How to do it
The moment you spot an interesting woman you’d like to meet, you walk up to the nearest woman you can find (preferably an attractive one) and ask her:
“Can you do me a favor? I really like that girl over there (… point at the one you’d like to meet…), can you introduce me to her?”
And 9 out of 10 times she’ll do it because of the same reasons with the Helpful Routine.
This one works everywhere: in college, at work, in a club or bar, on the street, in a store. Doesn’t matter really.

The psychology behind it:
How many times have you approached a woman you don’t even know, only to ask her to introduce you to that cutie that’s standing over there?
I’m willing to bet that your answer will be: NEVER… and yet, it works like a charm.
Here’s the juicy secret: remember page 20 of the Simple Inner Game System ebook where I shared the secret of pre-selection with you?
Basically, you’ll be more attractive to women when you’re already with a woman.
Have you ever wondered why more women seemed to be looking at you when you went somewhere with your girlfriend in the past? Well, it’s because of pre-selection.
So, if you walk up to a random chick (that’s where the Random Chick Routine got it’s name from) and ask her to introduce you to a woman you’re interested in?
You’ll create pre-selection on the spot, because if a woman introduces you to your “target” then you must be something special.
Then you must at least be a guy who’s comfortable around women and knows how to talk to women or they wouldn’t freaking introduce you to her.
I know what you’re thinking right now: “yeah right, like this is gonna work!” but I met my ex-girlfriend this way… how’s that for proof?
And if you want to see the Random Chick Routine caught on camera at it’s best, you should look on Youtube some time for a show called “Keys To The VIP” because in it they sometimes use this routine too… and with great success!

Plus, it’s a great and fun learning experience for any man who wants to get more results with women.
Now, if you’re really feeling bold you can even add a little twist to the way you use the Random Chick Routine so you can have two for the price of one:

“Can you do me a favor? I really like that girl over there (… point at the one you’d like to meet…), can you introduce me to her? I’ll buy you a cup of coffee in return.”
Do you see what I’m doing right there?
Not only will she introduce me to the woman I’d like to meet, but I’m also taking the random chick on a coffee date! Two dates for the price of one!
Subconsciously, seeing me talk to the that other woman may even make her a little jealous now that she knows she’s going on a coffee date with me…
Hey, I never said this was going to be written by a saint…

The Seat Taken Routine

How to do it:

The Seat Taken Routine is probably as old as man kind, but that’s not a bad thing. Instead, the fact that it has sticked around for so long can only mean that it works REALLY well.

Here’s how it works:
As soon as you see a woman or a group of women sitting somewhere that you’d like to meet, find the seat, sofa, couch, stool or any other thing you can sit down on that’s closest to them and simply ask:
“Is this seat taken?”
Don’t let your but be knocked out the park if she/they reply that the seat actually IS taken, because you can either bust their balls by asking: “By who? Your imagenary friend?” and then sitting down anyway…
Or you can simply say that you’ll take the chair, seat, stool or whatever right next to that (“I’ll take this one then”)
Again, power is in simplicity. Just you wait until you hear the psychology behind it, because although the Seat Taken Routine may sounds silly… it’s actually one of the most effective ways to start a conversation with women who are hanging out.

The psychology behind it:
Originally, asking if a seat’s taken is a way to ask for someone with good manners if he/she can sit down, which is exactly what you’re trying to do because you want to continue the conversation.
Sitting down when the woman or women you’re talking to are sitting around is a smart thing to do, because you’ll be less intimidating from a body language perspective.
Think about it: if women sit and you keep standing around, they’ll be somewhere below you and you literally come across like you’re talking down on them.
That’s why you sit down as well to talk to them from an equal level. You’re basically leveling the playing field. Very subtle body language at play here.

Remember though that you should never, ever attach more value to a Routine to start a conversation than is stricly necessary because that’s all it is: a way to start the conversation.
The moment you get a reaction, it’s your green light to continue the conversation. Here you could continue with the Opinion Routine, or even the Random Chick Routine. Whatever you want to do.
Your choice.
The Seat Taken Routine is nothing more than a routine to level the playing field, make the first impression and get a woman to talk.
It works especially well with groups of women because somehow some way, joining a group who’s sitting around, you’ll feel more intimate than when you join a bunch of people who are standing around doing nothing.

The Savior Routine

How to do it:
Mark my words… women will literally thank you for using the Savior Routine. Here’s how it works:
Whenever you see a woman being bored by a loser who’s trying to pick up her without her showing any interest whatsoever, you save her from that desperate little wussy.
And whenever you see a woman being bothered by a jerk who’s acting all drunk, rude, or touchy-feely around her while she doesn’t want that, you save her from that jerk.

Simple: you walk up to her in a straight line, look her straight in the eyes and tell her…
“I saw you from way over there and you looked like you weren’t enjoying yourself at all with this loser. So pretend I’m your boyfriend or something and I’ll save you from him!”
The reaction 9 out of 10 times: a giggle, a shy “okay”, and an attractive woman who will follow you wherever you go because she wants to get away from that loser or that jerk.

The psychology behind it
You’re being a little devil instead of an angel with the Savior Routine because you’ll “save” any and all women from men who screw up their own approaches.
So, in a way, you’re correcting any mistakes other guys have made and cash in on that.
It works so well because obviously, you saw a woman who wasn’t enjoying herself at all with that guy and she was looking for an excuse to get away from him… and you gave it to her.
And on a subconscious level, you’ll be much like a knight in shiny armor whether she realizes it or not: you saved the damsel in distress.

The knight in shiny armor fantasy is one that goes back thousands and thousands of years and it’s an archetype male in female psychology. Put simply, women are subconsciously looking for a man with “knight-like” qualities.
The damsel in distress is an archetype female in male psychology, because secretly, every man wants to be a woman’s hero and win her all for himself.
I’m sorry, did I go on a rant about psychology there? I hate when that happens!

Look, what you need to remember is that this one works really well and all you will have to do is look for guys who are screwing it up… and you know how easy that unfortunately is?
You can even show some major cohones with the Savior Routine by kissing the woman right after you tell her that she has to pretend that you’re her boyfriend…
And as soon as you get her alone you tell her that you had to make it look real and that the kiss meant nothing. Women love a man that’s hard to get, and by first kissing her and then telling you didn’t mean it?
You’ll be hard to get alright, haha!

The Screw Up Routine

How to do it:
You walk up to a woman, do your initial approach (doesn’t matter which one), and if she doesn’t respond well or ignores you… you tell her:
“Okay wait, wait. I messed up. Let me try again…”
Then you walk away a couple feet from her, turn around, and try to approach her again but now in an over the top, goofy and exaggerrated way.

The psychology behind it:
The Screw Up Routine will serve as your ultimate back up, as a tool you can use in case any other routine or way to approach a woman miserably fails, because you can simply pretend that you were screwing it up on purpose.
She doesn’t know you were serious the first time if you let her think you were kidding this whole time…

That’s the true power of this routine: it allows you to transform any other failed attempt to meet a woman into a successful attempt by making fun of yourself in increasingly exaggerated ways…
So, even if you do screw up that initial attempt to meet a woman? You can still save the day with the Screw Up Routine.
Exaggerate two to three other definitely flawed ways of approaching women and women will love you for it. You’ll be making fun of the dating game, you’ll be making fun of desperate losers or rude assholes who fail miserably in meeting them and… this is a big one… you’ll come across as being really confident in doing so.
You’re willingly making fun of yourself in front of a woman and don’t give a crap about what she will think of it. That at least hints at you having a lot of confidence, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, if you really want to connect all the dots here and get a fail proof way to use the Screw Up Routine, then here’s one:
1) First use your normal way of approaching women
2) If they don’t respond well or not at all, tell them that you want to try again, and approach them in a slimy, sucking up to them, almost gay-ish way. Really exaggerate it, including those typical gay comments and hand movements (you know which ones I mean right: “oh my God… that’s like suuuuch a nice shirt girl!” and so on)
3) By now they’ll be laughing, so now switch it up by being the complete opposite: a rude asshole who throws the most inappropiate comments at them like “got milk?” Or “do you believe in love at first sight or do I need to walk by again?” and so forth.
They’ll call you crazy, tell you how you’re so funny, all because you don’t take yourself serious and you don’t need to: throw whatever weird approach at them that you want to throw at women, because as long as they know you’re not being serious and playfully make fun of approaching? They’ll love it.
Up next: venue specific routines that will help you approach, meet, and date women in specific places…
And I’m sure I’ve included places YOU go to a lot too, so I just know you’re going to love this part of your bonus…


Part 2: Venue Specific Routines

Since I want to make sure that I’ve done everything in my power to really help you take your approaching game to the next level, I’ll start off every setting real easy by giving examples of some of the Routines I just mentioned…
Keep in mind what I said in the Simple Inner Game System ebook though: women often open themselves… they often give you an invitation to start a conversation.
It’s something they’re carrying around, something they’re wearing, some way they look, something they’re doing…
So, don’t make approaching women any harder than it could be by trying to use a Routine when that weird, bright colored, super small handbag of hers is all you need… know what I mean?
Now, by all means… let’s continue!


Clubs and Bars

New Guy Routine
Ask her: “can you tell me where I can find the men’s room?”
You can follow it up asking why she managed to tell you so fast, then accuse her of being a nymfo who mouthrapes unsuspecting drunken men in the men’s room as soon as she gets the chance, and so on. Use those character traits to create attraction!
Remember: play your role of the new guy that needs to get to know his way around, preferably with a hot tour guide on his arm.

Helpful Routine
1) Walk up to her with a drink in your hand, then tell her to hold your drink for you.
If that doesn’t get her attention, then I don’t know what does. To top it, come back and playfully accuse her of putting something in your drink to get you spaced out so she can take advantage of you as her unwilling sex slave in her dark litte room.
2) Walk up to a woman who’s smoking, ask her for a cigarette, and put it in your pocket.
She’ll most likely look at you all amazed after which you say: “Hey, the fact that I asked you for a smoke doesn’t mean that I’m going to smoke it… right now. Just wanted to test if you’re a giver or a taker.”
You can even go all out with this one by asking for a light instead of a cigarette, then putting it in your pocket, teasing her, and asking for something in return before you give it back.

Opinion Routine
1) Tell her: “me and my friends always get into arguments about this, so I think a woman’s opinion will help. What do you think: what’s the best night of the week to go out? Thursday night for students, Friday, or Saturday?”
Whatever she answers and whatever reason she gives, you can tease her with it:
– Thursday nights are for slutty college brats
– Friday nights are for the superfreaks because they don’t call it freaky Friday for nothing
– Saturday is for the boring, unoriginal ignorant people who think Saturday night’s the only good night to go out because they don’t know any better.
The reasons don’t really matter and can be based on bullsh*t, because as long as they’ll give you a way to playfully tease a woman (and thus create attraction)? It’s all good!

2) Ask her: “who do you think is the WORST dancer in this joint? Tell me! I think it’s him (… point to a random guy who’s a crappy dancer or doesn’t dance at all…)”Women love dancing and women love fashion, so, asking their opinion about who they think SUCKS at fashion or SUCKS at dancing right then and there is always fun for them… Remember: you can use an opinion to start a conversation, or you can use it as a theme through the interaction by asking multiple opinions and turning it into a nice litte game.

3) Ask her: “what’s your opinion on smoking in public being prohibited? Let me guess: you must LOVE the guy who invented the law!”
In more and more countries it’s forbidden to smoke inside a club or bar, which forces all smokers to stand outside (most of the time outside in the cold).
I know exactly ZERO smokers who like it, so if you see a woman smoking and use a little sarcasm around her? It will definitely get her talking.

4) Ask her: “what’s the best drink they’ve got to offer here? And then I mean the biggest, baddest, best cocktail you’ve ever had!”
Won’t she expect a question like that being asked? Maybe, but she
definitely WON’T expect you accusing her of having bad taste no matter what cocktail she mentions.
She also won’t expect you to ask her if SHE can make cocktails and you teasing her that she’s such a lousy party animal if she can’t and that she’s a liar (and still a lousy party animal) if she says she can.
Take your pick. Lots of stuff you can do with this one.
Supermarkets (and Other Convenience Stores)

New Guy Routine
Ask her: “can you tell me where I can find the rice up in here?”
It doesn’t matter what kind of item you ask her about really, as long as it’s WAY over there. If you’re smart, you’ll ask her the one thing that’s on the other end of the store.

Because she’ll have to give you several directions, so you can tease her about being a lousy navigational system or something along those lines.
Whatever’s the case, it’s to prevent her from saying: “here it is! Bye!” Chances are that she’ll walk you to the isle too (which gives you ample time to talk).

Helpful Routine
Ask her: “can you look after my cart for a minute?” Then give your shopping cart to her and simply walk away.
This one starts in the exact same way as the drink giving technique in clubs, only know you’ll be playfully accusing her for putting more stuff in your cart to take revenge on you having her wait for you.
You can tease her by putting more in her basket or cart, again, lots of stuff you can do here.

Opinion Routine
Ask her: “can you tell me what’s your most delicious but simple meal to make? I’m supposed to look after a friend’s kid today, cook for him and stuff, but I have no idea what to make and I could use a woman’s opinion on it.”
This one’s simply but deadly: remember the character trait of Being the Protector of Loved Ones from the ebook? And do you know how women love a man who can cook?
By asking her, you’ll get two for the price of one my friend!
Plus, explaining how she makes her favorite meal will take some time so you two will be taling for several minutes already.
You can get her number by telling her you’d like to get cooking lessons from here in exchange for XXX (… fill in something here…). There’s a whole range of possibilities inside this little opening routine.


At Work

New Guy Routine
Ask her: “can you tell me where I can find the company cantine?”
After she gives you directions, it’s SO easy to ask what her opinion os on the food in the cantine.
See, everybody has an opinion about the food they serve during lunch at work because it’s almost never what they want.
For the people who like spices, big trouble because almost everything is spiceless to prevent complaints. For the people who don’t like spices, it’s the lack of choice or the price… and the list goes on and on.
You simply continue the conversation that’s already going on inside her head… and it works like a charm.

Opinion Routine
Walk up to a woman you’re interested in and ask her: “I’ve been talking about it with my colleagues for several hours now after I got this in traffic this morning and I want an outsider’s opinion on this one: what do you think is the best way to get here?”
I’ve talked about this several times now and one of the easiest things you can do to approach women is continuing the conversation that’s already going on inside people’s heads. When you really think about it, this gives you a heck of a lot to approach women with in the workplace (and in any other setting for that matter).
So ask yourself: what keeps people busy in the workplace? What’s the talk at the water cooler or so to speak?
– The stuff that comes out the coffee machine
– The quality of the food in the company cantine
– Arriving late at work because of that damn traffic (or public transportation)
- Risking your very life to get to work because it’s all snowy and slippery outside
– Ignorant colleagues that don’t seem to know what they’re doing AT ALL and probably got hired during a trip to the zoo (as in, the boss wanted a new monkey)
– Who’s doing it with who (any company romances that are much talked about are cool)
Like I said: lots of stuff to talk about.
In College

New Guy Routine
Ask her: “can you tell me where I can find the school cantine?”
This one works in the exact same way as the cantine at work thing: everybody has an opinion about the food there, so use it!

Opinion Routine
Ask her: “me and my friends have been going at it for ages but we just can’t decide. We need an outsider’s opinion: who’s the meanest teacher of the entire school?”
Again, you’re continuing the conversation already going on in people’s minds. Everybody remembers at least 1 mean teacher who was always grumpy, gave bad grades, and seemed to be a relative of the devil himself. Every school has one.
So, start a conversation with it when you’re still in college.


Shopping Malls

New Guy Routine
Ask her: “can you tell me where I can find the nearest clothing store where I can get …?”
I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: women love fashion, so use it to your advantage. Ask them where the nearest store is where you can buy a certain clothing style or a certain item and a woman will be happy to help.
Thinking along those lines, you can even tell her that she looks like a woman who has good taste and ask her to play your fashion expert and help you pick something.

Helpful Routine
Ask her: “can you hold this bag for me real quick? I’ll be right back!” And walk away.
Same as the drink thing in clubs and the cart thing in supermarkets. Use it in the exact same way but accuse her that she try to steal your fabolous clothes out of your bag.
And off course, offering to make up for her having to wait for you with a cup of coffee is never a bad idea.

Opinion Routine
1) Ask her: “I know women love shopping and go on shopping sprees that last several hours so I’m willing to bet that you’ll know this… what’s the best spot here to chill out after a long day of shopping?”
Again, conversation already going on in their head… continued. And it’s real ease to show some balls and tell her she looks beat and should probably sit down too.
Hell, make a fun game out of it and challenge her to do some people watching with you. Ever heard of it? It’s seeing who walks by and making rude comments about how they look and who they probably are. It’s something different for a woman, and lots of fun.

2) Ask her: “what’s the best place to grab a cup of coffee over here? Because I’m beat after shopping for hours and hours!”
Men can’t stand going shopping with women, probably because it takes hours… and that’s a shame, because otherwise they would have known the routine that women follow when they go shopping:

They always shop until they drop, sit down when they’re beat, then grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat for some energy.
And that’s great, because after you she tells you, you can easily tell her that she looks beat too and should join you.
If she resists, tell her it’ll be fun and that the coffee’s on you. Since she was already planning on sitting down and grabbing something for some energy, she’ll go along with it.
And hey… think twice next time women ask you to tag along when they want to do stuff, because you might just learn a routine or two that women go through that will help you approach women more easily.
On The Streets

New Guy Routine
1) Ask her: “can you tell me where I can find the nearest ATM?”
Oddly enough, most ATM machines where you can get cash out of the wall, because that’s what they’re for, are somewhat tricky to find. So, it will take a woman a while to explain which gives you ample time to talk to her. It’s also a good way to continue the conversation, because you can talk about what you were planning on buying, what she was going to do, etc.

2) Ask her: “can you tell me where I can find the nearest supermarket?”
It doesn’t matter really for what you’re asking directions, because it’s just a tool you se to start the conversation. On the streets the New Guy Routine works amazingly well: you’re walking there feeling lost, don’t know your way around and could use some help.
Playing the new guy doesn’t get more convincing than right then and
there, so ask a second question about where she thinks the good clubs are at over there, tease her a little about her bad taste in music and if you’re looking for an easy way to get women’s phone numbers using this one?
Simply ask them to give you a tour of “their” city and in exchange you’ll give them XXX, with the XXX being either a cup of coffee, a lunch date, or something like that. Real easy and genuine way to get their number from a new guy perspective.

Opinion Routine
Ask her: “me and my friends have been talking about it for quite some time now and we need a woman’s opinion on this. Do you know those homeless people that are always harrassing you when you’re shopping, begging for change? Would you still give them some change if you knew they’re total junkies and are probably going to spend in on drugs?”
Most people will answer “No”, but create a little doubt there by saying they don’t know for sure what the junkie is going to do with the money and that maybe he’s just hungry… and you can have some very interesting conversations.
Off course, tease them with saying how they’re evil and selfish or that you don’t believe the angel act… and attraction is just around the corner.
Again, continue the conversation that’s already going on inside people’s heads. People walking about on the streets are bothered by:
– Homeless people begging for change
– Pickpockets
– Stepping into dog doo doo or freshly spit out chewing gum
Use your creativity because everybody experienced it sometime so everybody’s likely to at least respond to what you ask them about it.


Part 3: Final Words

Did you like my routines you can use to easily start conversations with women no matter where you are? I hope you did, because I wanted to overdeliver value to you with this first bonus and really give you something you can work with to get more results with women starting today.
You should see this ebook as a workbook, a practice manual you refer to often to try out a new Routine and to learn your next lesson. Play around with it a little bit, try out different routines and see which ones work for you and which ones don’t.
Don’t give up the moment one routine doesn’t work for you, because there are AT LEAST 10 totally different routines that COULD work for you so go out there and experiment until you get to the bottom of this and have yourself several routines you can use to effectively meet beautiful, interesting women.
Always remember these KEY insights from the Simple Inner Game System when you’re having trouble approaching women:
– Women often open themselves, so don’t overthink meeting them and pay close attention to their body language
– What you say first doesn’t really matter, it’s how you respond to what she says that creates the attraction
– A Routine is just a tool to start a conversation, so don’t use it as your be all, end all because sometimes saying “Hi” is enough.

Enjoy trying out these Routines!

25 GREAT Places To Go To On A Date

No More Boring Dates. No More Awkward Silences… And No More Playing The Predictable, Desperate Loser For You Mister! With My Simple Tips, Your Dates Are Fun, Exciting, And End

The Bad Ass Introduction
There are so many places to take a woman to on a date that you probably haven’t ever considered yourself that I almost feel obligated to tell you about them right here, right NOW.
Don’t get me wrong, taking a woman to obvious places such as the movie theatre, a restaurant, a coffee place, or a club or bar can be fun. Hell, you can be successful at those places if you know what you’re doing.

Here’s the juicy secret: women EXPECT you to take them to one of those places, so they’re mentally prepared. They’ll feel safe and comfortable going there and being there because those are trusted environments for a date.

But the moment you take them to a place you know but they don’t?
Is the moment women will need to RELY on you. You know your way around there and they don’t, so it’s up to you to show them around, show them how things go down there.

And if you’ve been paying attention while reading the Simple Inner Game System, then you’ll know that being dominant is a trait that women find attractive in a man.

By taking her to a place she doesn’t know or usually go to, she’s in your hands, you will be LEADING her, and as such you’ll create attraction by being dominant… while you haven’t even done anything yet!

Finally, you should seriously consider taking your date to one of the following places because as I also explained earlier: active dates lead to sweat… and sweat leads to dirty women who want to clean themselves, freshen up… in YOUR home and in YOUR shower!

In short, active dates are the easy way to getting a woman inside with you and then in bed with you afterwards if you play your cards right… Now you know how locations can affect the success of your date, it’s time to explore the advantages of each unique location.

One more thing: if you think location A or B won’t work or is lame, I understand, because I used to think so too… until I actually took a woman there on a date!

These locations have all been proven to work by many of my students, so I highly recommend you try them out as fast as humanly possible.

I have 25+ locations to show you that each GIVE YOU a date YOUR date will have a hard time forgetting… and you already know that THAT means you’ll be seeing her a LOT more, right?
Let’s get to it!

Her Type Of Location
This one’s easy: if you know your type of woman is into art, you take your date to a gallery… not some coffee place that’s boring as hell.
If she’s a total coffee junkie though, you take her to a coffee place on purpose.
If your date is into latin, you might take her to a salsa contest… not some chick flick that’s boring as hell.
If she’s a total movie addict though who always answers “what did you do last weekend?” with “I saw this movie and…” then you take her to a movie on purpose.
In short: you STOP thinking about what you think is a good place to go and START thinking about what type of location the woman you’re interested in likes best.
Be sure to take her to a place she DOESN’T know though, or you may end up being her b*tch because you’re following her all day instead of leading her and being an attractive man.
So, if you’re not sure if she knows the places in the city you both live in, it’s a good idea to go to another city. And be smart about it:
If you’ve got a car, open the door for her, take her there and bring her home because being a gentleman is (as you know after reading the ebook) attractive.

Places like IKEA and other warehouses that contain kitchens, beds, closets, and all kinds of furniture are a smart place to go. Obviously, guys don’t usually take a woman to a “home warehouse” as I’d like to call them, so you can bet your ass that you’ll take her by surprise.
But there’s a cool little technique here: take her to the beds section and test a couple matresses and beds with her.
First of all, being on a bed with her feels very intimate for the both of you and it indirectly reminds her of sex.
Secondly, it gets her in a playful mood because you can have a pillow fight with her and pretend to sleep just to tease her…

And finally: it gives you the best way to tease her ever. After you get up of those beds and head for the exit, you can say “you know… I never slept with someone on the first date THIS fast!” or “I usually don’t sleep with women on the first date… I feel like a total slut right now.”

Works every time. So, thanks for sharing this technique… guy on the Seduction Chronicles blog whose name I can’t remember!

King Of The Hill
Let me ask you a question: how many chick flicks, romantic movies and romcom’s have YOU seen where boy and girl end up on top of a hill or somewhere on a mountain, lying there on the hood of their car (or sitting in their convertible with the roof down), counting the stars Dozens, right?

And yet, I don’t know ANY guy that actually does this on a date! But gazing at the stars with a woman, dude, women love it. It’s right up there in the top 5 of most romantic things they fantasize about.
So, no matter what you did before it? If there’s a hill or mountain, or a deserted parking spot with no high buildings around it nearby? End your date with her lying next to you, counting the starts.
Real intimate, women drewl at the thought of doing this with a guy they’re into. I’m not kidding!
A Local Concert
How many times a year do you go to an actual concert? Don’t worry… I’ll wait…
Unless you’re the biggest groupie ever of a local band, chances are you don’t go to a cocnert that often. So, start going there!
You have more than enough stuff to talk about: which songs do you like, who do you admit being a groupie of, would you dump your man for artist XYZ etc.
And if you have a tough time keeping the conversation? Start waving those hands like you just don’t care, jump around, dance. You know the deal.
I can just hear you think:
“Yeah but there never are any good bands/artists giving concerts where I live!”

Here’s a juicy secret: don’t care about that, hell, take advantage of it! If both you and your hate absolutely HATE rock for example… then wouldn’t going to a rock concert to make fun of everyone there (how they dance, look, talk, etc.) be the PERFECT setting for a date? You’ll laugh your ass off.


Go Carts And Racing
You’ll be surprised to know that many women have a need for speed, that many women actually LOVE racing… especially if they themselves get the chance to get behind the wheel!
It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s kind of dangerous, and it’s something completely different than a normal date.
So, definitely add go carts to your repertoire. You can turn it into a competition too: the winner gets something in return, like a massage, or kisses, or anything else you can come up with.
And oh yeah… did I already mention that going to an actual race track if you two have a drivers license to race a few laps is even better? It’s a little more expensive, but a lot more fun… and your date will definitely get dirty and will want to take a shower afterwards.

The Zoo
No the zoo isn’t a lame place to take a woman to, unless a gorilla breaks out of his cage and starts torturing people.
First of all, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but most women are afraid of spiders, or snakes, or mice or all three. So, find out which one it is and let the teasing begin!
Secondly, you can take them to the spiders/snakes if they have any there and help her conquer her fears (or tease her even more if she’s too chicken to see a snake from a very, very small distance).
And last but not least: start comparing her and her family to the animals there. Ask her which animal reminds her of her dad for example, always fun to ask.
Then as soon as she’s quiet, tease her about how she looks just like that overweight, lazy elephant who doesn’t even feel like making any noize anymore. Or the overly shy monkey over there in the corner.
I think you get the picture here.

Movies 2.0
Like I said before: taking your date to the movies is an obvious thing to do, but you have to keep up with the times here because the movie experience is changing…
I mean, sure, guys take women to the movies all the time, but how often
do you take your date to a 3D movie where you have to wear those weird looking glasses? How often do you take your date to an iMax movie?
I’m willing to bet that you have a hard time remembering when the last time you did that was, hell, if you ever even did it on a date!
And 3D movies and iMax really ARE different than a “regular” movie and they really do make you stand out and be remembered because they’re not common things to do on a date… and that’s a good thing, remember?
In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last couple of years, here’s a short explanation of what 3D movies and iMax are all about…
3D movies used to suck: I can still remember those days where you went to see Jaws in 3D, got some glasses with one side being green and the other side of the glasses being red… and the whole thing looked like a normal movie except for those stupid ass glasses.
But times have changed: enter Avatar and Final Destination in 3D. These kinds of movies REALLY made us feel like we’re right there, standing in the middle of everything that’s happening in the movie with objects being thrown our way and us actually ducking because it looks so real! Very different from a “regular” movie and trust me… as soon as there’s a horror movie in 3D, take your date to that movie. She’ll be all over your lap in no time.

And then there’s iMax… which (in my opinion) gives you a screen that’s four freaking times as big as a normal movie screen and it literally sucks you into the experience.
Nine out of 10 times they run special movies in iMax, the best one being the rollercoaster ride that makes you feel like you’re enjoying an actual rollercoaster.
Again, different than a “regular” movie and your date will definitely remember it.

Martial Arts Lessons
Martial arts lessons are a VERY good setting for a date for various reasons…
First of all, you can tease her and make her promise to you that she won’t abuse what she’s about to learn when you maybe try to kiss her later… and then accuse her of slowly becoming an abusive girlfriend if she keeps up her awesome moves.
Secondly, like I said in the Simple Inner Game System ebook: active dates rule, because they’ll make a woman want to freshen up… at YOUR place!
Thirdly, most men are conflicted about hitting women. Off course they are! By taking your date to a martial arts class, this leads to fun moments that are true “battle of the sexes” situations.
Tell her you’ll let her win because you don’t hit women, tell her you’ll break your “gentleman’s rule” if she keeps hitting you…
Or you can give it a nice little twist and tell her you’ll teach her how to kick major stalker but so she’ll always be safe.
Minor warning: if you’re as flexible as a stick and punch like a wussy, you may need to take a couple of classes yourself before you let your date tag along.
Health Resorts
When I say “spa”, “health resort”, “beauty parlor” and so on… most guys will think these are all real girly or real gay. Period. Now, if you go there
to actually get your nails and hairs done and what not, then yes.. that IS girly and gay.
But if you take a woman there on a date? That’s smart!
You see, most health resorts and related locations offer their customers massages. Usually they have professionals for that, but you’ll get a long way if you ask them if they can teach you.
If you really want to be sure you can pull it off? Call them and ask if it’s possible to learn how to massage on your “niece” (= date).
Why say it’s your niece? Because if you tell them you want to put oil on a female body they’ll think you want to get freaky and they’ll deny access every single time.

Anyways, massaging a woman will get her used to physical contact with you, with being close and intimate with you, and frankly, a massage secretly turns most women on. It relaxes them too, so you can give them a laid back, but (sexually) exciting date.
And oh yeah… did I mention that by massaging her, you can say she owes you and ask for something in return?

Historic Part of the Town
Every city has a history, as in… the Romans/Turks/Japenese or whatever ruled this city from bla bla until bla bla.
But every city also has it’s FUNNY history: did you know that the world’s first Swahilian pride parada took place her? Did you know there was once a mayor who used more drugs than the average drug kingpin uses for his business? Did you know we have the highest number of axe murders in the entire country?
Fun, strange, weird, bizarre facts about your city or village will definitely make her remember that date. Especially if you tell her you’ll be her tourguide for the day so she expects some boring historical crap…

Here’s a juicy secret: with artistic women, well-educated women (university-like women), women that are into architecture etc. you have to remember something…
They actually LIKE those otherwise lame historical facts. So, with those kinds of women, make sure you include some “normal” history to show them you’re on the same level of thinking as they are.
Here’s another juicy secret: “I’ll give you a tour of my city if you give me one of yours in return…”
Need I say more? You can easily get a second date out of it!

The Local Arcade
Women love active dates and you do too, remember why again?
I won’t go there yet another time, so here’s the juicy secret about why arcades are a cool spot to go to:
Almost every arcade has some physical games like basketball, air hockey and so on…
Start having fun with them!
In my experience, going to the arcade as part of a bigger date (so as a second location) is the right move to make… you two are already having fun, and then it’s time for air hockey to BOOST that fun factor even more!
The Mall
After going through the Approaching Made Easy ebook (your first unadvertised bonus), you already know why malls are great places for approaching women. But guess what?
Any shopping mall is multiple settings on one location… so malls are also great places for dating women.
Women love giving their opinion on clothes so definitely go to the men’s section and let her play the judge. Let her browse through women’s clothing (she’ll do that anyways) and then suddenly bust her balls for having a bad taste in female clothing.
Walk to the nearest electronics store and do a battle on a Xbox, Playstation or whatever or play around with some sounds systems and pretend like you’re trying to dance with her… and then bust her balls for believing you.
Have an ice cream, let her lick yours (no pun intended), and talk as much as you’d like.
Although they’re pretty common places to take a woman to for a date, malls are common places for a reason: they RULE when it comes to dating!

Horseback Riding
Just like 9 out of 10 guys love beer, 9 out of 10 women love horses. Take advantage of it and go horseback riding.
It’s outdoors, there’s beautiful scenery, you come across both confident and sensitive, women think it’s real romantic, you’ll have more than enough opportunities to tease her with words like riding or with her “horse talk skills”… need I say more?
Here’s a juicy secret: an age old fantasy of ANY woman is the knight in shiny armor, high up on his white horse. So, try to get a white horse to ride on! And tease her with that fantasy.

Social Proofing
What you’ll do is invite a woman for a social ocassion where your friends will also be. Let her come along to a friend’s birthday, party, house warming party, band performance, bar tending gig, contest… and the list goes on and on.
She’ll see you’re a social guy who knows how to treat people and is loved by many, that you have some conversational skills on you, and how cool your friends are. That’s important, because women want men who can also have a NORMAL conversation and who (obviously) have social skills.
It also creates attraction: if she sees that lots of people love, like, and respect you, there must be something to love, like, and respect about you. It’s pure “social proof”. The more people like you a lot, the more a woman assumes there is to like.

Going bowling on a date is also pretty common, but there are some nice little twists you can add to it that make the whole experience that much more fun. I thought them worth mentioning, because I want to give you as much dating success as possible in as much places as possible.
Let’s get this over with: balls that she’ll need to touch with her fingers and play with… does that give you enough material for teasing her or what!?
But there’s more…
You can act like her bowling instructor and teach her how to throw better.
It means you’ll stand really close behind her, almost grinding that booty while touching her hands and showing her how to throw the bowling ball.
You can also be a Dennis The Menace like I always am and try and distract her right before she throws the ball by yelling, tickling her, and so on.
Finally, you can turn things into a competition and ask something in return.
Here’s a juicy secret: most bowling halls have “disco nights” during which the lights go off and popular music is being played. Makes things more fun and more intimate. Use disco nights to your advantage.
Outdoor Ice Skating
A good friend of mine absolutely loves ice skating so I’m including this one at his request, because frankly? I HATE ice skating. Don’t know why, I just do…
But that doesn’t mean going ice skating isn’t a good idea for a date.
If you go to an outdoor ice skating ring (preferably somewhere in the evening), it’s romantic, the scenery is pretty damn good, and the more she sucks at ice skating the more intimate things become because you can play her teacher, again.
So, skate for like an hour, then go for hot chocolate or espresso at a place nearby to warm up. And just thought I’d throw this one at you: you can also offer to warm up at your place…

Boat Tour
99% of the major cities in the world have some sort of water nearby: a river running through the city, a canal, a(n artificial) lake, whatever. Use these to your advantage because here’s a juicy secret: usually only old people and tourist do, so your date will definitely remember it for a looong time.
One of my favorite dates was taking a boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam (they’re called “grachten”). Some pretty amazing scenery along the way.

Cooking Classes
Cooking classes are fun even if your date is no fun at all: women love a man who can cook great meals, so even if the date ends up in ruins? You’ll still learn something you can use during future dates.
And then there are the obvious benefits: making fun of her cooking skills, feeding each other food, food fights, learn what foods she’s really into and if he has any allergies you should watch out for (and tease her with).
Simply said, it’s fun, you always learn something you can use later and it’s not that expensive.

Wine Tasting
Wine tastings are cool, because the staff will lead you through the tasting of each wine, you’ll have something to talk about (example: exchanging most embarrassing drunk moments), you two will slowly get tipsy, and I don’t know about you…
But I can’t stop laughing as soon as wine has been poured and jokes have been told!
Here’s a juicy secret: so many women drink wine, but almost no one has any actual knowledge of wines. So, pay attention and you’ll have some knowledge to display on any future ocassion where there’s wine.

Play Some Pool
First of all: balls, sticks, holes, you need to get it in there, are you good with balls, do you like the stick you’re using now… could there be any more sexual innuendo? Pool (or billiard) is probably the number one “sport” when it comes to hinting at sex. I’m not kidding!
That in and of itself is a reason to play on a date or two, but it’s also a great way to wager some bets, have a little competition with your date, winners gets something in return..
And, with many of the other active dates I mentioned before this one, teaching it to women is great.
You can stand right behind her, teach her how to hold a stick, how to get something in the hole (again: hinting at sex!).
Lastly, although pool halls aren’t considered to be classy joints, they’re sociable. As in: playing pool doesn’t require so much concentration or action, so it’s a great way to get to know a woman better while having fun at the same time.

Take A Hike
I can almost hear you think: “Climbing some mountains/hills is lame, going hiking is gay and bla… bla … bla.”
But it’s not.
Somehow, some way, people tend to be more open when they’re in the middle of Mother Nature. Don’t ask me why, but it’s true. So, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know a woman better.
Then there are first one that reaches the top gets bla bla type competitions you can do, but here’s the juicy secret: picknicks.
Women find picknicks to be really romantic… and there’s no better place for a picknick than in a park or better: in the middle of Mother Nature with some scenery to see.
Great thing about it: these days, I only know a couple of women who’ve been on a romantic picknick. Picknicks are getting rarer every day, so you’ll stand out by organizing your little picknick.
Again, have fun with it: you can feed her, let her make you a sandwich, tease her with her sandwich making skills, food fights and so on…

Tennis Match
Tennis: balls, rackets… so hinting at sex? Check!
Up close and intimate with her if she doesn’t know how to play? Check! Just like with most other sports I’ve covered, tennis gives you some great opportunities for having a good date with a woman.
I just thought it was worth mentioning, because of the way most women play professional tennis: they moan a lot when hitting the ball. Just watch the Williams sisters play. And any male tennis player too for that matter.
You can bust a woman’s balls and say that you’ll only play if she won’t moan like Venus Williams when hitting the ball, that you suspect her to be a superfreak in bed because she’s secretly trying to ease you into her moaning… and the list of sexual hints goes on and on.
Dancing Lessons
If I still need to explain to you that women love dancing you must have been living in a damn cave all your life. You can get pretty intimate if you teach her some moves, it’s fun to dance with women, and they think it’s romantic.
Do I really need to say more?

Winter Fun
Snowboarding, skiing, sledding. You can have lots of fun in the winter (or at a skii resort/indoor skiing hall).
If you happen to suck at all of these, then simply start throwing some snowballs man. Women love “play fighting” in the snow.
Afterwards, when she’s all cold, go and get you two some hot chocolate. Or when you feel like being romantic: find the nearest fireplace.
Obviously if your place doesn’t have one that’s hard to pull of, but just remember: she’s cold + hot shower = she comes inside with you and takes her clothes off.
Needless to say, having some fun in the winter or in winter-like setting is always a good idea for a date.

“Professional” Photography
Although they’ll probably never admit it, the little girl inside every woman wants to be a supermodel… so bring that out in women with some “professional” photography.
Simply take a camera, then tell her to strike a pose. Take some photos of you two, make some “this is us making funny faces” photos. It’s always a whole lot more fun to take pictures than you initially think.
Another great way to use photography is doing a city by night tour: taking photos of beautiful city scenery by night, all the lights… it’s romantic and allows you to get physical with a woman pretty damn fast.
On a sidenote: one of my best friends (Patrick), someone who taught me a lot about women, actually uses photography to meet women.
He grabs his camera, puts a cord on it, hangs the thing around his neck, and then acts like he’s really a professional photographer looking for models. He, too, tells women to strike a pose and uses it as a tool to get a conversation going.

Comedy Nights
There are lots of comedians, comedy clubs, open mic nights and so on out there. Go and check them out with your date. You’ll laugh your ass off and it’ll probably lead to some fun memories.
And if you’re feeling lucky? Why not grab that mic on the open mic night and do your own thing? Let her see how you impress the crowd with whatever skills you have.

Watching the sun rise (or set) truly is one of the most romantic things you can do with a woman. They’re timeless classics. Hollywood-like stuff. After watching the sun rise together, why not have breakfast together as well?
Hint: say you go out first and then take her with you by surprise at around 4 AM in the morning.
She’ll think you’rea boring dude who always leaves early, while you were planning on watching the sun rise with her the entire time. Great thing to surprise a woman with, wouldn’t you agree?

Test Driver
If you have a drivers license, then why not take advantage of it?
Take your date to a car dealership and start test driving cars. It’s different, it’s fun in and of itself. And besides, you two can pretend to be a couple! Ask her stuff like “what do you think honey?” or “are you sure we can afford this one babe?” Then take the car out for a drive, get some ice cream or whatever on the way.
If you’re feeling bold and have a suit: tell her to dress up, then take her to a luxury car dealership. Pretend to be a millionaire, test drive a Bentley, Chrysler… take your pick! You may not be able to pull this one off every single time, but it’s worth a try.
Besides, if you can’t get away with it? She’ll like you because you had the balls to try it. Women love thrill seekers!

Final Words
And there you have it… my personal collection of some of the greatest ideas for a date that will make sure your date is fun, exciting, and ends well for you…
You’ve just discovered 25+ places to take your date to that give you a CRAZY GOOD time.
Some of them are timeless classics, some of ‘em are places you’ve probably never thought of before.
Whatever’s the case, I highly recommend you play around with these and see which places work best for you, which date ideas make you feel great and most of your dates be great.
Because let’s face it: not everyone is a modern day Casanova, so, maybe you have a better change of “getting the girl” by doing something off the wall like test driving cars or taking a woman to the IKEA.

Like I said: see which places work best for you.
I hope this post also inspired you to see dating from a different perspective than before, because dating doesn’t have to be boring…
It doesn’t have to be the same old same where you take girl number 217.232.020 (you wish!) to the places she expects you to take her.
Because remember, by taking her somewhere else? You lead the way, you’ll be the dominant one the whole damn time… and dominant men are attractive to women.
Another, final point I want to drive home here, is THIS: you can make ANY location, even any SITUATION perfect for a date… because there’s truly no such thing as a “perfect date”.
It all depends on you. If you’re boring at the comedy club, stiff as a piece of wood during the dancing lessons after that and annoting while test driving? You went to some great locations, but YOU yourself sucked.
So, always remember that locations are what you make of them.
Get in the mood with your favorite music before you go on a date, think of some fun topics to talk about before you set a foot out the door, and most of all: relaxxx!

On a sidenote: ever had symptoms of withdrawal because you haven’t had your daily dose of coffee yet?
Well, I’m having the caffein crazies over here, because it’s still early in the morning and this night owl is in dire need of coffee… so I’m off to Starbucks… see ya!

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